Ben Proffitt & Adam Lewis talk TWC

We caught up with PWA world cup sailors Ben Proffitt and Adam Lewis to chat about the 2015 Tiree Wave Classic. The guys were on a lay day so had been helping out with the youth camp and taking some time to relax and enjoy Tiree.
We sat down at Event HQ on Gott bay to get their view of the new structure and now locally run event.
So Adam, you haven’t been here for a couple of years. it’s great to see you in our waters again. how have you found the event this year with Wild Diamond running the classic?
‘Tiree is an iconic location and it’s great to be back, especially with the addition of local bodies within the organisation of the event. You can feel the positive support from the community and as a competitor that really makes a big difference.’
What about you Ben? As a veteran of the Tiree Wave Classic I’m used to seeing you in the water and the lodge! You’ve known Willy (event host) for a while now and have seen some of the amateurs progressing through the years. What are your thoughts?
‘The only negative about this event is that I have to leave. The waves weren’t huge during my heats but you really see the potential and in that respect Scotland really is the perfect stage! Every time I’m here I’m impressed with the amateur fleet pushing each other. You know, guys like Tristan Levie and Stewart Cowling with that young blood rivalry. I can really relate to that growing up competing  against Phil Horrocks.’
‘You need someone to compete against to push you! Thats how the sport progresses, especially in Britain with smaller numbers’ – Adam chimed in.
‘Absolutely and look at guys like Scotty McDowell, he has never lost his buzz for this event and i think the rest of the amateur fleet really look to him as someone they want to steal the sword from!’ – said Ben.
The guys were heading off for ‘Meet the Pro’s’ night with RYA Scotland’s youth camp. All fleets have done a great job with supporting the youths this year!
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