BWA ‘Future Pros’ Youth Camp 2019

In association with ‘The Mailing Room’


For 2019 we are looking again at a complete integration with the Future Pros Youth Camp and the main event/professional competition – Tiree Wave Classic.

There will be 20 spaces available in total on the Future Pros camp. The will be offered on a first come, first serve basis and are priced at £150 per person with 5 days of coaching available for this price.

Sign up is available until the opening day of the competition, the 12th of October. Registration on Tiree will be at The Lodge Hotel between 11am and 2pm on Saturday 12th. There will be food and refreshments available for all to purchase on site at this venue which is the returning event HQ for Tiree Wave Classic 2019 – Year 34.

Our daily format will include attendees of Future Pros coming along to the Skippers Meetings for the main event to gain a better understanding of the reasons why you select a specific beach on any given day. There will be opportunities to meet and engage with top national and international wavesailors at the skippers meetings before then progressing to the chosen venue each day for training sessions to commence.

Training will run for a maximum of 3 hours daily this year (based on feedback from the past five years that we have been doing too much training!).

Training will be delivered from 10am to 1pm daily after which there will be opportunities to free sail and put into practice what has been covered each morning, to spectate the main event or simply explore Tiree! The main event always has something going on, regardless of conditions so you will not get bored no matter what the weather is doing!

Additional highlights over the course of the week will include:

  • Movie night at The Lodge Hotel
  • Meet the Pros evening at in the Tiree Lodge Hotel
  • The overall prize giving on Friday 18th at The Lodge Hotel

Please go to the ‘Register’ tab in the main menu if you would like to register for this years BWA Future Pros Training Camp!


Here is a little footage from one of our previous events to let potential Future Pros see what we get up to!