Firstly thank you for your patience. Those who have been following our efforts to deliver this year’s  Tiree Wave Classic will appreciate the difficulties providing staff and Judges due to the new PWA La Torche event. Our options became limited with ferry timings and crew availability.
However, thanks to the efforts of the working team we are now able to provide the dates below:
Ams (Ams, Masters, Youth)
Registration:  11.30 – 13.30 Sunday 12th October                Prizegiving: Friday 17th October
This later start gives more travel time with a 08.45 ferry from Oban arriving at Tiree for *12.45 allowing a good 45 minutes to registration which is only 5 minutes from the ferry port. First announcement will be 14.00 with first possible start at 14.30.
Pros (Pros men and Ladies)
Registration: 11.30 – 13.30 Friday 10th October                    Prizegiving: Tuesday 14th October
Calmac provide a 05.45 – 09.05 ferry allowing time for those arriving Friday.
Ladies first competition will commence Saturday and we will also accommodate Saturday entries for ladies arriving that day.
With a Tuesday night finish, this year’s Pro event will start a day early to allow 5 full days of competition. There is a 10.15 – 13.00 ferry departing Tiree on the Wednesday morning.
Key points:
* To allow a full 5 days, Pros will commence Friday with prize giving Tuesday evening.
* Due to popular request, Ams start a day later (Sunday) allowing more travel time.
* There will be 5 full days of AMS sailing, 3 of which will be ‘AMS-only’ as the pros finish on Tuesday.
* The above registration times may be amended accordingly if the ferry is delayed.