Local Ams sailing in 40 knots on Tiree!

By admin – On May 11, 2015

Local Amateurs Tristain Levie and Stewart Cowling sailing in last years biggest conditions on Tiree. Gaastra...

Argyll & Bute Council confirm three year funding package for Tiree Wave Classic!

By admin – On May 08, 2015

Argyll & Bute Council confirm funding package supporting the Tiree Wave Classic for the next three years! Argyll...

2014 Results!

By admin – On May 06, 2015

Tiree Wave Classic 2014, round one: Am’s 1) Mike Archer (Simmer) 2) Scotty McDowell (Simmer/Simmer) 3) Ben Page (RRD)...

Day 7 2014 – The Quickening!

By admin – On October 20, 2014

What is The Quickening? – This was the first time for a new knockout format that spearheaded the Pro Comp at this...

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